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Why job searching has switched to online portals?

It's not astonishing anymore that how the internet has taken over our daily lives and the internet have changed the entire scenario of how jobs were searched in India earlier. The present-day situation of people seeking jobs is all different now, candidates find jobs in their preferred domains with online job portal applications without any complications. Be it a fresher or an experienced candidate these platforms provide benefit to one and all.
SVAP Infotech promises to provide the best solutions along with their best team of experts in the job portal app development sector providing services for Android and well as iPhone users. The job portals come along with advanced features, filtering capabilities to amongst the top leading portals.

What is the mission?

When a candidate is looking for jobs they end up searching for your official business website, which is a good deal, to begin with. Along with that, you get to focus on extracting the talented ones for your business. Your reach amongst the people increases with your visibility in the market.

Online Job Portal Online Development

Allow yourself to think about it, and we will change that thought into reality.

Jobs and Application

The job portal makes it an easier task for people hiring as the job applications are available through a single click on the Post job or Apply button.

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Custom Jobs Field

This field permits users to access that extra beneficial information about the jobs. It is an advantage for the users and recruiters.

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Recruiters Directory Page

From the job seeker's app, the user has that access to apply directly after going through the recruiter's directory.

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Job Questionnaires

The basic interview is conducted by the recruiters using the integrated questionnaire.

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CV Creation Functionality

Users have the liberty to create their resume directly on the seeker's application. This can be done by either editing the documents or filling in the forms.

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Interview Scheduling

The advanced features of the online job portals allow advanced interview scheduling. The candidate and the employer are reminded by sending in an alert prior to the time scheduled.

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We have the best team of experts providing excellent solutions for your dream project, ready to serve all types of business be it on a big scale or a small scale.

Why should you invest in an Online Job Portal?

The first and foremost reason one should consider investing in an online job portal is to promote your employer brand. You are able to make more informed decisions regarding your hiring or the whole HR process.

  • User activity

    The solutions provide ample transparency over the actions of the users or job seekers. It’s easier to keep a track of both applicants.

  • Cost and time effective

    Hiring consumes a lot of your time as well as the process becomes expensive with every passing stage. You can save all of it by an online job portal.

  • Task Management

    Every task doesn’t require your personal presence, it can be completed online which saves a lot of time and energy of both the parties.

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