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Who wants to pay a high price when an app can help you to get a discount?
  • Show deals
  • Price Comparison
  • Gift cards
  • Payment Gateway
  • Social Media Integration
  • Support to Multiple Currency

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We all love to save our money no matter what we purchase

Whether shopping from home or seeing for a place to take dining, everyone loves to negotiate. It is the reason why daily deal apps are so prevalent. By offering attractive discounts to users, multiple apps are proficient in providing a plethora of advantages to the customers as well as the businesses. While customers get impressive discounts, enterprises get a platform to showcase their supports and connect with the customers. Today, several companies are now selecting the possibilities to offer their users with great substitutes by investing in daily deals mobile app development.

SVAP InfoTech knows how important it is to develop attractive product deals apps that convert your visitors into potential customers. In a world where customers expect a constant shower of deals, not having an active deals system in place put your business in a disadvantage against your competitors. Daily Deals App helps businesses to easily create bulk discounts and sales, so a business person does not need to appraise their catalogue every day manually. We will save you time on developing deal apps so you can see an emphasis on running and handling your business!

Convert your App Idea into a Lucrative Business with Us

We at SVAP InfoTech understand the need for today’s market, and that is the reason our developers are offering On-Demand Deal app services. Our goal is to provide effective app solutions to our clients and customers. We develop feature-rich daily deals apps that recommend your users about the daily utility deals right in their mobile phones. A business can get a share of revenue by linking their service providers with app users.

Daily Deal App Development Services

We are service providers catering to industry verticals


Show Deals

The app shows daily deals, Active Deals, Future deals, Current deals and many more types of shopping deals.

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Price Comparison

Users can easily relate the prices and features of various products using a Price Compare button, in the shopping coupon apps. They can pick the desired outcomes for which they want to compare the price. They can use the price filter from lowest to highest and shop suitably.

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Gift Cards

Offering Gift cards is a unique way to fascinate customers and keep them engaged with the business. This option will help to get a vast and stable base of reliable customers who enjoy offers and discounts and even gift the similar to their friends and family.

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Social Media Integration

Once a user grasps a great deal, they have a habit of going to their friends and share the news with them. Social media integration will readily share their shopping experience and help businesses in their promotions as well.

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Support for Various Payment Modes

Users can quickly pay through different payment options, including Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and net banking, according to their ease and availability of payment option.

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Multiple Cities & Locations

The daily deal app shows deals of various towns and area. It helps the users to search the top deals, discount offers and coupons in their city or locality.

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Why Choose SVAP ?

As we are well aware of the business environment growing rapidly with each passing day, walking a different path is the key to stand out.

Why should you invest in Daily Deal App Development Solutions ?

As customer behaviour endures to change, businesses need to modify their approach to be where their customers are. As a result, companies are stirring quickly towards creating mobile apps usual as business tools and assets.
Below are some helpful reasons for you to hire a daily deal app developer

  • Powerful Marketing Tool

    Daily Deal is a useful marketing tool, with strategic pricing and proper execution; it represents a desirable marketing option for businesses.

  • The convenience of business with low budget

    The daily deal market has relatively a low entry barrier; everyday deal app solutions are provided at affordable prices. It helps the companies to start their business with a limited budget.

  • Increased Consumer interest

    Discount offers, coupons and gift cards have been a popular bait for customers; it will attract customers towards the business.

  • An inclusive range of business opportunities

    The daily deal industry is a vast business scope where small businesses can also co-exist peacefully with big market players.

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