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Our team at SVAP Infotech enables you to leverage modern technology and its benefits in the event and e-ticketing sector. We develop websites and mobile app for all kind of OS, such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. We believe that a robust and secure system helps in growing the business-customer relationship and add some trust into it.


Our well-learned experts having a plethora of experience in web development eliminate every possible hindrance that may affect our services. Our prime motive as a web development organization is to provide a stable, fast, and secure service to our clients that would help their business to go and grow. This has helped us in making long-term bonds with our patrons and assisted us in serving them with our even and e-ticketing solutions.

These benefits are integrated with our best event and e-ticketing solution that will help our clients to plan events for engaging their customers.

Advantages of Using SVAP Infotech Event and E-Ticketing Solutions

One Stop Solution for Event and E-Ticketing Solutions

e-ticketing Portal Development

SVAP Infotech provides its clients with the services of advanced features of e-Ticketing portal development. The platform offers plenty of functions and features like marketing tool integration, venue selection, customized CRM and CMS with precise analytics tools. A list of user-friendly features, offering an inordinate experience for users.

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Event Management Software

We offer a complete package of event management portal providing opportunities for event planning, work collaboration or tie-ups, remote workflow management, reporting, custom CRM with powerful tools for multichannel marketing tools, comprehensive reporting solution and a long list for every type of events held or organized.

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Ticket Management System

Ticket management in big events needs to be streamlined. SVAP Infotech provides services and features which are inclusive of ticket scanning, fraud detection, check-in & check-out, validation. These are necessary when you have to handle groups in hundreds and cannot afford to miscalculate or be in a position to make mistakes. Physical distribution isn’t possible so we integrate the flexible distribution and efficiently manage the tickets with automated operations.

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Booking Mobile Apps

A mobile device is not an addiction rather let's call it a necessity in this period of digitalization. Mobile apps have taken the market by storm as users like keeping things handy and simple. Thus, we provide and suggest clients get designs developed according to the compatibility and mobile-friendly applications. This is done on no compromise for features and functionality.

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Kiosk Software solutions

We provide personalized flexible applications for users to access it smoothly while booking their tickets or any other ticket booking related services. It is basically improvised for customers to gain information regarding events happening around and gives them relevant information about the timing scheduled and availability.

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CRM Application Development

It is very essential to maintain a very lasting customer relationship. The function is purposely to channelize the publicizing strategy, substitute structured and efficient customer data. It helps the public make better decisions with useful insights.

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Ticketing POS Software

Ticketing POS software is provided for the businesses the channelize their Point of Sale Business operations like ticket bookings, check-out, cancellation, and many other automated services to increase productivity. We have comprised robust 3rd party integration and also offer POS ticketing software to make the tasks easier.

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Real-Time Reporting & Tracking

Real-time tracking is very essential to avoid the confusion it gets the customer the access to get the required confirmation. It is automated and the user receives confirmation either by a text message or an email. The integrated map also helps the people to navigate and reach the destination without the loss of time. This feature enhances as its a big help for customers.

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Event Venue Software

The next-generation event venue software is all updated, automatically handles the seating arrangements, floor planning, vendor, broadcast facility, sponsor management and systematically rearrangement of the overall venue including the supervision.

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Support Management

We understand how important it is to provide the customers with the finest facilities and assure them of your availability. We promise to provide the best portal efficient enough to smartly handle the support system. Customer satisfaction and making sure that they are having the best experience is the most important aspect of a business.

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Invoice Management

We build the best system for invoice management customized to integrate all the potential features requested or essential while developing the invoice including billing portals, billing modules, billing solutions, and many others.

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Channel Management

We build digital products which help in e-ticketing business to flourish and expand in every way possible. We offer automated and flexible features on the portal which helps in organizing and handling multiple event booking channels simultaneously.

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