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The world is evolving , are you?
  • Online dating achieving new dimensions
  • Customized solutions according to your preference
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Mobile applications have created a space for a very promising and long-term revenue generating source in this rising IT buzz.

SVAP Infotech has a team of experts providing online dating development solutions to clients all across the globe. Our team of designers and developers build very attractive online dating websites that achieve new heights and implement the current demanding trends.

As we are well aware of the busy life we are a part of. But let's not forget you want a partner to turn up to when you are having a bad day at the office or life isn’t being good to you.
Age is just a number, the online dating applications have no regulations stating that the eligibility is restricted to some specific age number or gender. It is a platform for everybody to find their mates and choose the best for them as a partner. You have the liberty to fix a date know the persona in better decisions.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for creating your personalized powerful Online Dating website or application for business purposes then third generation resources Online Dating Portal provides you with exceptional software as per your demands and requirement?
Our team offers website designs, dating site installations, and custom dating site development. To increase the clientele our online dating portal is the one you are looking for with its easy to use features and functions.

Online Dating App Development Services

One shot investment with robust app features along with details of the analytics



It is essential for people to search in their preferred area of residence or the area they are comfortable in. It is possible only with the GPS location to integrate the application which filters and fetches the required results.

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Swipe Your Preference, Left Or Right

You can decide on moving further with the first impression you have of a person. Interest should be shown from both sides to solve the purpose of their existence of the application or website. If both the parties feel the connection they further take the next steps listed in the applications.

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In-app Messenger

To have smooth communication with people you need to inbuilt a strong medium of connection to exchange words or thoughts. Users should have a platform to exchange messages and for a better connection if options like video or audio calls are in the feature list of the application.

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Multiple Profile Management

Single user can manage several profiles with the same profile, for example, an agency feature. It keeps the profile distinct from one another.

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Dating Preferences

The options for the users are vast and diverse, to manage it there are filters required according to your preference. It is beneficial while building a customized environment for the user. It is easier to find matches as their preference has already been filtered based on their requirements.

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Find Matches

The matches found are a great help as it shows the agreement between two people once they are connected. Also, the feature unmatching is a great help when a user thinks they want to move out of that connection made or have no further interest ion communicating. This is a great help to avoid stalking and avoids negative spamming.

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Why Choose SVAP ?

SVAP Infotech understands the need of the time with growing popularity in developing mobile applications. We have well-researched experts holding experience in the industry serving their clients.

Why should you invest in Online Dating App Development Solutions ?

The best deal of investing in this long term revenue generation source. Technology has taken over the market and has evolved in the past years. The best way to generate revenue by making a one-time investment.

  • Subscription

    Once a user logs in they have to pay a minimum amount to be able to access it for a specific time period.

  • Advertisements

    Applications have a good source of income from the third party by selling them the space to display their advertisement.

  • In-app purchases

    Users end up buying in-app currency, smileys, and icons etc which adds on to the revenue.

  • Premium plans

    There are additional features that cannot be accessed by users, to unlock them you have to be the member of the premium plans which adds on to the revenue.

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