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The tourism industry is escalating on a golden path and blooming with a faster rate than any other industries. It seemingly has no effect on the financial crisis and unemployment. People don’t seem to mind opening their wallets if the service is better. Embedment of technology has been prolific for this as instead of planning their journeys right from scratch, people just prefer to tap on their phone and choose the most affordable and comfortable package. Nowadays, travelers prefer experience & comfort over the costs and advancements has the power to understand the needs of a tourist on a very personal level..

So far, we have helped more than 80 tourism businesses to go digital and cover travelers on a bigger scale. From creating responsive websites for your business to market it over the online ground, we take care of each and everything. We offer rich tourism solutions that include ticket booking, comments, location, maps, and so much more. Our next course in the winning streak of our solutions is empowering them up with ‘data’ which is the next big thing in the market.

Our IT solutions in the tours and travel industry enable a traveler to book hotels, flights, and mediums to commute with extreme ease. The travel websites and applications we develop offer your users everything at one place be it booking online tickets, hotel, or renting a car. On a plus note, we develop a powerful analytics dashboard that helps you make smart business decisions based on market trends and travelers’ needs. Our travel applications are often affluent with rating and reviews sections that automatically rank a spot up and down.

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Booking Engine Solutions

We have a very quick and fast scalable online platform that manages multiple booking engines effortlessly. SVAP Infotech also assists the firms in integrating booking engines in their existing systems and provide them with strong flexible engine management software.

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GDS Integration

We comprise 3rd part API integration in the present online portals of the travel and tour companies. APIs like Galileo Sabre, Amadeus, and many other industries have proven APIs that seamlessly enhance the communication between the systems with the customers.

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Travel Portals

SVAP Infotech develops travel portals which attract consumers by their flawless functioning and the features comprising the flawless performance. We build travel portals for the web and smartphones to reach out to almost every audience. You will witness the end-to-end travel portal services.

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OTA Integration

To expand the multiple folds in the booking platforms we expand our exceptional online travel services. Our online OTA integration from the top proven agencies to ensure world-class services.

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Flight Booking

We make sure our customers have an amazing user experience be it the attractive UI/UX designs, or the smart websites or the mobile applications which is fun to use. The latest features include the trip planner, flight schedule check, multi-lingual support and varied payment options for overall enhanced work experience.

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PMS Development

The property management system (PMS) helps the hotels of the other hospitality business to offer their customers the services to have an excellent overall experience. The customer's services are inclusive of GDA and OTA integration, guest services, PMS modules, metered usage, and many more services

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Hotel Booking Software

To offer transparent management we provide with the best cleanly done hotel booking software to deliver the essential information without confusion. The system developed holds the capabilities to have access to smart and modern features. This is beneficial for users to make the right decision while confirming their bookings.

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AirBNB Integration

AirBNB has a global reach and is the most preferred platform for travelers around the world. It gives a chance to the traveler book the local houses, villa and apartments to have that extra fun while your visit in the country or the city. We deliver the potential of Airbnb at your fingertips providing you with all the details required for you to have a great user experience while you booking for your stay.

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Hotel and Restaurant POS

With the rise of the POS system, we have successfully come up with less consumption of time. The innovative and systematic check-in-out, table reservations and kitchen is well managed by the POS solutions.

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Vacation Rental

Vacation rental software manages the travel and hotel part quite efficiently and is a boost in growing your business. The software includes vacation rental channel management, vacation rental website development, designing, and marketing management and more.

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Loyalty Programs Software

By developing a loyalty program software travel and hospitality business hold the potential to engage more customers. It is one good technique to ask for brand loyalty from your customers. The software offers referral programs, reward points, gift vouchers and other redeeming options which enhances the relationship between the customer and the service provider.

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