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  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to integrate
  • Extremely secure
  • Quick to implement
  • Library of helpful resources

Unmatched PHP Development

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PHP is one of the finest programming languages tech researchers ever explored. No wonder why so many tech giants rely on its capabilities, Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo to name a few. PHP is the basis for so many game-changing products around the globe. It is open-source, reliable, easy-to-comprehend and compatible with the majority of operating systems. Its widely accessible support system, built-in feature and extension library and secure environment enable developers to create amazing products with minimal effort from scratch. Regardless of the type of a solution you are looking for, be it a content management system (CMS), a customized customer-relationship management software, an enterprise app or an e-commerce store, PHP can be your go-to programming language.

  • Most preferred web programming language
  • Amazing advantages for website in terms of flexibility
  • Provides website with increased performance
  • Hi-end navigation experience besides ability to execute complex functions
  • Highly customized and feature rich development

At SVAP Infotech, we have a versatile group of PHP developers who deliver the unimaginable. Our team is versed with the latest PHP versions, modern-day frameworks, front-end technologies, database management systems and everything that takes to build a reliable PHP application. We are equipped and capable to strategically work on your next project idea. We not only provide designing and development services but take care of your after-launch grievances as well. This is something that distinguishes us from rest of the country’s premier web app development companies.

Our professionals are acquainted with popular frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Zend, Yii and CodeIgniter, content management systems like Magento, Drupal and WordPress and technologies like JSON, AJAX, SOAP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Prototype JS etc, all used to build a phenomenal app.

PHP Development Services

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PHP Custom Web Portals

Taking every little detail into account, we create, manage and present your identity to the global audience. We blend all the necessary aspects in the right proportion to match your needs and accomplish set objectives. We specialise in B2B, B2C, enterprise and corporate web portals.

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PHP Custom Mobile Web Services

We offer integration of web services for your mobile application in a hassle-free and optimum manner. While the interaction between devices and app modules become simple, the sense of security and performance come as an added advantage with PHP-powered back-end services.

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PHP API Integration

Every project requires some or the other third-party API to be integrated. Our qualified PHP developers do this task brilliantly providing a seamless and glitch-free experience to the end users. Also, we take care of the entire ecosystem for ensuring smooth functioning of the app.

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PHP Personalized E-commerce

With our avant-garde e-commerce services you need not worry about anything, from conceptualization to design, development to launch, we manage it all. We offer aesthetically-appealing and fully functional e-commerce solution that multi-folds your profits in short- and long-term.

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PHP Social Networking Sites

A social platform is meant for people. We know who to target and what does it take to accomplish a social networking site from the ground up. Our comprehensive approach to incorporating features and making interfaces beautiful result in a professional social website that people love.

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PHP CMS Development

Every app requires a content management system for easy and quick processing. Our PHP experts make things simpler for you by automating content management following the most advanced methods and latest-gen CMS, all this with you having complete control over your content.

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