Fleet Management App Development

Why Fleet Management App Development? How will it offer ease to transportation industry?
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Safety Driving
  • Route History
  • Offline Tracking
  • Fuel Management

Best Fleet ManagementApp Development

Companies which are engaged in the transportation sector has to keep an eye on all their vehicles. Fleet management software appears like an excellent solution for such industry which helps the companies to track the several functions like driver management, fuel management, maintenance of the vehicle, vehicle tracking and financing and many more. A single person cannot handle these activities. The operational teams have to depend upon the computer software’s to get better management of their fleets on roads.


The fleet management software is useful for every type of businesses which are used vehicles for their employees to complete their jobs tasks and for transportation. Such tracking software’s can support the company in enhancing its business activities. SVAP InfoTech develops the fleet management applications for general, extensive, mid-size, small businesses with GPS tracking features for different types of vehicles. We create solutions in a way that easily monitors, organise, and schedule every single vehicle.

What We Aimed?

SVAP InfoTech aims at offering a ground-breaking range of exclusive fleet management software solutions to the businesses that are indulged in the logistics and transportation business and will remain at a competitive advantage. Our fleet management software offers GPS tracking and several other custom features. With a few clicks, you can manage all your activities like tracking, maintenance, evaluation, and reporting on one single platform.

Fleet Management App Development Services

Software for industries serving with excellent solutions


Driver Allocation

Fleet management system allocates the new drivers in case of emergency with greater comfort.

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Fuel Management

The application allows the users to keep an eye on the consumption of the fuel in the vehicle. It offers charts that analyse the data quickly.

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Sensor Incorporation

The in-built sensors in the applications help the users to link the vehicle with mobile and user will get the notification in case of any miss-happening.

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Improved Security Features

The users will get great security features with sensors and GPS facility to track the vehicle and fleet easily.

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Why Choose SVAP?

As we are well aware of the business environment growing rapidly with each passing day, walking a different path is the key to stand out.

Why should you invest in Fleet Management App Development Solutions ?

Fleet application development offers an exclusive opportunity for the business to track their transportation activities and a chance to outshine a distinctive presence and a better growth for improved customer experience — the operative reasons for you to hire a fleet app developer.

  • Increase Competence

    The companies can manage all the activities from workload estimation to schedule further procedures. It will help to get the multiple aspects of management and preservation of fleets.

  • Improve Productivity

    The application will increase productivity by calculating the metrics and immediately notified the exact parties about the vehicle issues, inventory quality and much more.

  • Enhance Fleet Safety

    The application offers an opportunity to improve the safety and security aspects of fleets.

  • Increase Customer Service & Satisfaction

    When the customers get their delivery on time and with quality services, it will increase their service experience and satisfy them that results in enlarging customer retaining rates.

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