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The healthcare industry is a multi-trillion one. Unlike that of five years back, this industry is finally going online. Customers and patients are now showing interest in getting help and even non-prescribed medicine from online sources. More and more pharmacy and healthcare businesses are adapting to the online landscape. According to speculation, the online healthcare services will touch $30 billion figure. .

The patients are sure to coming back and thus, the future of this industry is bright and the one who provides an effective, efficient, reliable, and rapid solution. Our developers have years of experience in developing health and pharmacy-related web and app solutions loaded with various automation features to reduce your operational costs. Automation has gradually become an integral part of today’s business. Hence, we strive to incorporate automated tools to your business to lessen manual labor.

We design powerful Clinic and Management Software & tools to manage patients, keep a track on premises activity, and efficient billing and accounting. One software that effectively handles all your needs. It’s easy to lose patient data when you have thousands of records to maintain. The solutions we develop, help you maintain any amount of data and scheduling doctors according to specific patient needs.

Advantages of SVAP Healthcare Software Development?

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M-Health and Mobile Apps

To make easy availability of the services, we build platforms for the people and the doctors to connect on one platform. This is only possible with an m-health mobile application with advanced features and functionality easily accessible on your smartphones, wearables, and tablets.

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RCM & Billing Solutions

To regulate the entire billing system, there is a need to develop intuitive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to streamline the entire revenue system. This is executed with the help of advanced analytics and data management.

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HIMS Software

To make the management of the hospital more manageable we have personalized the apps for the hospital staff to manage things in a centralized manner for example appointments, shift timing, billings, patient record, and other daily important schedules.

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Practice Management

The medical software developers make sure to keep the solutions for healthcare organizations to see the updates and improvements in patients. This is executed by streamlining the overall workflow while providing real-time and reliable analytics that keeps everything single glance away.

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Patient Portal

Our team of dedicated developers creates technically advanced portals for patients that are HIPPA compliant. We build these portals compatible with the web and mobile and create that connection between the service provider and the patient. It increases productivity and saves time from both ends while receiving the services.

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EMR/EHR/PHR Solutions

The EMR, EHR and PHR development in the mobile and the web applications for healthcare organizations like the clinics or the hospitals. This is the best way to keep track of the patient's health and make the process of the treatment easier.

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Pharmacy Management

Keeping the mandatory health compliance act like FDA, HIPPA, USP, HL7 we design and develop the software. The whole process is automated keeping the entire process of inventory management, advanced analytics with profound reporting and inventory management.

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Telemedicine Solutions

SVAP Infortech develops an extremely user-friendly application for users to order medicines without being in a kiosk. Technology is making its way to be used in real needs. Features like prescription scanning and validation, e-prescription, live order tracking are inbuilt for flawless functioning.

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Medical Kiosk Solutions

The kiosk is developing a fan base in the current atmosphere to make less consumption of time. The Medical Kiosk Software makes it easier while streamlining the process of information delivery and payments.

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LIMS Solutions

To produce an uninterrupted remote workflow we provide excellent Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) incorporating the cloud computing technology. We assimilate ELN and SDMS in our software for making the laboratory information management more efficient.

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Medical Billing and Claim Management

Our efficient automated scalable medical billing and insurance claim portals do excellent work in medical bill generation, insurance validation, claim procedures, data management on one single platform to avoid errors and easily manageable.

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