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Why choose Digital Payments over Traditional Payment methods?

Just recall the time when we used to stand in a long queue to pay electricity bills, booking travelling tickets or movie tickets. We had to wait for long hours to get the things we needed. It was very time consuming and frightening. Mobile apps make our way more suitable, and now we can complete the transactions from anywhere, any time in the world as per our comfort.
Thanks to the E-wallet digital payment solutions that make payments easy. And now the users accepted, used, liked, and loved these solutions; it becomes an integral part of their life.

SVAP InfoTech offers advanced feature and fully secured e-Wallet Application development services for all devices. We offer advanced digital wallet app, e-wallet application and mobile payment app. 

What We Aimed?

SVAP works to make an advanced move in the online payment field; our innovators develop particular e-wallet applications that focus on the security features and heftiness, that an e-wallet app should-have. We develop e-wallet applications which are secure, protected, and offer fast online transactions for Android, iPhone, Wearables and other associated platforms.

E-wallet App Development Services

Developement for making transactions smooth.


Store Money

Users can save their valuable money in the E-wallet applications and can use it whenever they require.

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Transfer To Multiple Accounts

Users can link their numerous bank accounts with their E-wallet to make payment simple with just one tap.

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Money Transfer

E-wallet apps allow users to transfer money to their contacts with secure and suitable payment management.

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Split Bills

Splitting bills now become comfortable with E-wallet apps; users can split their bills with friends and groups and can pay individually.

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Pay Bills

Utility bills and shopping bills can pay by E-wallet apps with one click.

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Instinctive Cash

Users can add money in their E-Wallet apps to meet all their cash-only requirements.

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Budgeting Tools

Users can track all their expenses with simple budgeting tools.

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Information Security Management System

E-wallet apps use an Information Security Management System to preserve the essential data, accounts, passwords & transactions safe and protected.

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Why Choose SVAP?

Make your way to success with E-wallet digital solution that offers unified and protected way to pay, receive and store money.

Why should you invest in E-wallet App Development Solutions ?

Make your way to success with E-wallet digital solution that offers unified and protected way to pay, receive and store money.

  • Easy to link other accounts

    The E-wallet can make your payment secure; users can pay their bills from different accounts. They can link their credit cards, debit cards or mobile money account to their e-wallet.

  • Fast payments

    E-wallet payments are quick like the other payment methods; users can require a simple click on their smartphones. The transactions have been recorded in their smartphones after the payments.

  • Reliable and protected

    E-wallet transactions are safe and secure. The account information of users is encrypted, which means that the real account numbers are not saved on your smartphones. For every transaction, you will require a unique password or other required details for verification. It is much safer than carrying cash or cards in the pocket.

  • Convenient in Use

    E-wallet accounts are straightforward in use. It requires less than a minute to sign up for e-wallet accounts. Users need to download the app and fill the necessary details for the app and adding payment details.

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