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Benjamin Franklin once said,“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” We are not sure of another quote that tells us about the education system we should follow more clearly. The modern education system is going through a metamorphosis that is based on the involvement of the learner and SVAP Infotech is one of the torch bearers of this evolution. Our organisation focuses on developing education and e-learning solution that blends modern technology with knowledge and experience. .

If you are looking to create your niche in the e-learning business, SVAP Infotech is the companion you are looking for.

With us by your side, you will be able to understand and fulfill the needs of your clients easily. SVAP Infotech boasts of a perfect team of professionals who know the education industry like the back of their hands. And, you need such people to guide you to the path of success. We have won the trust of several clients and are on our way to establishing ourselves as the top education and e-learning solutions company.

Benefits of SVAP Infotech’s Education and E-learning Solutions

We Let Your Dream Align with Technology for Happier & Smarter Students

Online e-Learning Applications

We provide an intuitive design that is interactive and the method which is suitable for everybody. Developed with the latest features it ensures the learner is in synchronization with the modern-day learners. The web and mobile applications are on an interactive interface for maximum engagement.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide an efficient learning system that includes documentation and tracking reporting. These are essential for educational systems to perform exceptionally without errors. The smart technology provides the privilege for the entire system to be automated and smooth working.

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M Learning System

The elegant transformation of the educational system into the digital evolution has improved and made learning a quick delivery cycle. With these learning techniques, nothing stops you from your daily lectures. You have the liberty to learn anytime anywhere as we have smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets to save you from missing out on your lectures.

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Web-Based Training

We are not limited to providing our design and web portals to the college and school students only, in fact, we offer essential web-based training for business. To provide employees training in a uniform manner these portals are built to ease out the training process for the employees. It is a good investment as it lowers the cost of the training and engages high involvement, which is extremely safe and secure.

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Administration Management

A lot of administration of work is required in institutes and organizations, keeping that in mind we provide efficient administration solutions. Managing the documentation, analytics, course management, data storage, and resource tracking and other smart solutions to make you consume less time and money and increase productivity.

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Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual classrooms are the new way to reach to distant students when it comes to spreading the learning. Virtual classrooms have a higher reach and access to their audience. We make sure to dissolve the line between the virtual and the actual classroom with the smart interactive features inbuild while developing.

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Online Examination

It is the best option to switch to the digital portal to avoid any sort of security issue. The finest way to save resources like time, money and paper. It is the most rational and secure way of conducting fair examinations.

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Student Information System

Managing the students' information which is large in number becomes a lot easier. Our experienced team provides a personalized way of coping with the huge data for secure and quick responses.

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Edu Games

The augmented games in the industry have shown a tremendous change and more of a positive result. Our experts for AR/VR have simply made modern Edu games interesting and redefined in the simplest manner possible. It is the best experience for the children or the learner as it's not limited to just reading or learning, it makes you experience more exciting things in a more fun and exciting way.

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Enrollment Management

With institutes comes huge enrollment data which is difficult to manage if the appropriate features are not put to good use. The complete process is taken care of keeping the management, filing automated with smart insights, analytical capabilities, and overall document management into consideration.

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Live On-Demand Streaming

The motive of the institutions is to give the best learning experience to their students exactly how they would feel in a classroom. Live to stream web and mobile portals for the distant students is one of the best ways to be intact with the learning process.

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Edu Mobile App

Learning shouldn’t be restricted to a specific time or place is the reason we have these applications which can be installed in your smartphones that we carry around everywhere. The latest features and technologies take the m-Learning to another level without compromising the quality we provide.

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