We hire great people and we take care of them

We are a team of exceptionally talented beings who aim at making outstanding things to simplify the lives of people around the world.

Why Drive Towards SVAP Infotech?

Unlike other fancy startups, SVAP isn’t known for its colored walls and bean bags for relaxation and recreation. Instead, SVAP is known for the quality of every project delivered. A team of 300 people who aim to unlock their potential always backup your project.

Employee First

SVAP values the time that employees invest in the company and cares about their personal and professional growth.

Advanced Resources

Use premium tools and learn from the best. Make use of the vast database of knowledge that SVAP has.

Positive Environment

Room for growth for each employee means everybody is progressive and influential in on way or the other.

Groundbreaking Projects

SVAP has some of the biggest projects under its name. We’ve covered up the “new in town” thing with sheer brilliance.

Transparent & Open Communication

SVAP Believes in cultivating ideas. And only free brains will develop the greatest ideas. Every person in the entire hierarchy is within reach.

Training & Development

SVAP makes room for professional growth within the office premises. It provides you the training required to grow inside and outside the company.

We're hiring!

We are a team of professionals. We aim at making things simpler and authors a bright future. Apply today, as it is the ideal opportunity presenting itself.


ASP.Net & MVC and sound knowledge LINQ

  • Full-Time
  • Jaipur
Frontend Developer

Angular (version 6 or latest) is required, HTML, CSS, and AJAX

  • Full-Time
  • Jaipur
Node JS

Node JS, MongoDB

  • Full-Time
  • Jaipur

The Recruitment Process

The process we follow before hiring our team to get a hold of the incredibly talented individuals.

  • CV Review

    We choose the best suitable candidate from the shortlisted CV and review it closely.

  • HR Interview

    Our HR manager gets connected to exchange details and know the interest of candidates under the supervision of the Senior HR manager of the company.

  • Technical Interview

    The experienced experts go with the technical round, examining the skills, knowledge, and experience.

  • Real-time Assignment

    Practically assigning the assessment for verification and authentication of the work.

  • Final HR Discussion

    After the final discussion with the technical team and managers, the decision is announced to the candidate; if not, a justification from our end is provided to the candidate.

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