• A vector graphics editor developed marketed
  • Features for editing the graphic
  • Capable of multiple layers and pages
  • Image creating and editing
  • Smooth illustrations and fonts

Designing With CorelDRAW

Fresh thoughts and ideas translated to enthralling visuals

We skipped grabbing a notepad and a pencil to draw once we got our hands on the most amazing and dependable design tool ever created, CorelDraw. With plenty of features on offer to create eye-catchy graphics and powerful vector illustrations, this fully-loaded software is something a designer can’t imagine to survive without. Whether it’s about designing stuff for an organization’s identity, including logo, business cards, brochures, templates, flyers etc or layout for your next website or app, CorelDraw offers support for all. It’s easy to learn and quick to implement, comes with intuitive tricks, tutorials and tips to get you started.

  • Explains more creativity in the image
  • Multiple features in the software for enhancement
  • User-friendly and engaging traffic towards the pleasing appearance
  • Create a huge impact on the users
  • No compromising of the originality in the work

Proudly saying, we, at SVAP Infotech, have individuals who are proficient using this software and capable of creating appealing and strong graphics for your business. We discuss your objectives, ideate it according to your goals and make something that’s incredible and worthy of grabbing eyeballs. Putting ideas into actions is old-school, but putting them into a perception is what makes the difference. Our perceptual design ability and cognitive skills make up for everything that’s required to satisfy your creative needs.

Bank on us for your next design project - graphics for websites, banners for website/app sliders, social media posts, brochures, business cards, logo, magazine covers, newsletter designing, pamphlets, posters, and other advertising material, we offer it all. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and deliver results based on mutual discussions in the most professional manner possible. Our creative team is highly experienced, qualified and trained to take up tasks of varied complexities. Why hold back? Discuss your requirements with our representative and get an aesthetically-sound digital media kit for your organization.

Our Offerings

Cost-effective design services powered by creativity and ingenuity


Illustration & Graphic Design

We follow a holistic approach to building a user-centric and pleasing interface design for your website or app that not only captivates but complies with standards.

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Print Projects

Our offerings include image retouching, manipulation, correction, enhancement and optimisation without affecting the quality of the original image.

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Innovative Web Design

We have a team of professional thinkers and innovators who analyze requirements to perfection so that the end result is at par and meet your expectations. Be it an enterprise or corporate or e-commerce website, we ensure that you not only get a professional layout but also a unique one.

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Endless Iterations

Although our core analysis team is potent to understand your requirements in one go, there can be times when you require iterations and discussions. In cases like such do not hesitate to ask for a revision or modification. We’d be happy to make the necessary changes and prepare it the way you want.

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Responsive Designs

Our design scheme is not limited to a platform or an operating system or for that matter a screen size. We create designs that gel with the surroundings and adhere to design guidelines. Our experts know how it’s done so leave it on us. Enjoy the visual treat at the end of the day.

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Miscellaneous Designing

Ask us for an eye-catchy logo powered by typography or graphic, a minimal art design for your website or mobile app, a template for your next newsletter, a portfolio layout, in simple words, ask us to work on anything related to practical designing - we do it all.

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Why Us?

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