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SVAP offers highly-accurate industry-specific IT software comprising fleet management system, dealer tracking software, shipping, and delivery solutions, logistics management applications, location tracking software & cost-effective manufacturing control systems. Over the years, we have worked with both small to large scale automobile businesses and has equipped their processes with smart-tech. We have leveraged the power of automation to help them save a lot of manual power..

At SVAP, our primary agenda revolves around upgrading our clients’ business process, equipment, and infrastructure to a whole new level to simply achieve these three things in return - speed, cost-effectiveness, and more work in minimal resources. With the rise of apps such as Uber and Ola, the transportation industry is booming with new ideas everyday. Hence, it has become essential to develop software solutions that are highly optimized in terms of fuel saving.

SVAP, for the last few years, has been a leader in offering affordable and high-quality automobile IT solutions. We are determined to make the best out of your business as well as your business idea - whether it’s about developing an app, web, or software pertaining to your automobile industry. We understand that often times clients do not possess much knowledge of what technical advantages are boosting the automobile industry. And, that’s exactly why we carry out this job for you.

Advantages of SVAP Automobile and transportation Development?

We Work by Achieving Maximum Performance while Utilizing Minimum Resources

Dealer Management System (DMS)

At SVAP Infotech we progress a completely customized application for the dealer to manage and control the system for effective inventory management. It comprises the sales, insurance, pre and post-sales, commission calculator with accurate real-time analytics reports. We make sure to make the DMS process automated and manageable.

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New & Pre-Owned Car Buy Sell Marketplace

We make sure to personalize an app for the sale of the new or resell the cars. We take care of the market, the engagement and responsive with easy accessibility. On the admin part, we integrate and effectively manage the market place and analytics.

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Automotive Market Place

We provide our SaaS-based automotive-based part to offer retails and wholesale to exhibit it for their wide range of clients. We provide the customers with the platform to go through the catalog where they can access the parts, with the features of sorting the options and by prioritizing the payment options.

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Automotive Lease and Contract Solutions

We design a platform where we connect the various leasing and contract companies at one junction for uninterrupted communication between the companies and customers. It is essential to process channelized functioning of the car lease, maintenance, glass repair, and automotive contract management.

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Automotive Insurance

To have a simplified way of keeping the track of the insurance purchases and automotive insurance plan comparison we develop web and mobile applications consisting of automatic solutions. It is the best way to keep a track of the insurance claims making it easier.

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Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions

Providing the enterprise-level fleet management solutions for systematic tracking of the vehicles, vehicle health, and insurance, AI-based vehicle insight etc. with these features and effort, it saves a lot of time and effort of the people.

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Automotive Rental Solutions (Uber, Lyft)

We provide the options consisting of the development of the motorbike and car rental mobile applications that build the entire revenue model comprising of the income of the business. We make sure of the best user experience provided from our end.

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Enterprise Garage Management Solutions

The entire development of enterprise garage management development solutions integrates strong inventory management, work assignment, billing which is quite effective while promoting automation and shows a drastic change when compared to the productivity criteria.

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Spider Trading Platform Import Export Vehicle Solution

We produce very powerful web and mobile applications which permit a customer to make use of spidering for trading the brand new or preowned cars across the nation. People from every and any corner of the world can come for the purchase as we provide the customer details to avoid any fraud and confusion. Customers can explore as they have a wide range of options available and compare top get the best deal.

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Automotive Distribution Solutions

The features included in the innovative approach that provides futuristic solutions for the automotive distribution system. The complete cataloging, integration, tracking and ordering and processes involving the warehouse is all systemized for the convenience.

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OBD Application

Our consistent onboard diagnostic application provides the entire information regarding the complete vehicle health based on the received information from multiple compliance protocols for better maintenance and performance. The dashboard boarded on the vehicle displays the speed, GPS tracking, braking, air conditioning and the driving style of the driver.

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Tires, Wheels and Service e-Commerce

We develop an application based on the AU providing services where buyers can book an appointment regarding inspection, repair or maintenance and lets the users buy what they require in one go. It is one e-Commerce platform to provide the availability of tires and wheels taking care of the user experience.

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