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It’s well and truly said that, “Food cures everything.” Also, it makes people happy. However, the ones offering this happiness i.e, restaurants have to grind it out to provide that happiness. SVAP Infotech realises this and with our food & restaurant solutions, we are here to make it easy for you.

Hospitality industry is one of the toughest places to do business in. It comes with a lot of responsibility and unpredictability. There could be days when you can be relaxed and handle your customers easily and days when you have to be on your toes. SVAP Infotech is committed to offer you with solutions that will make your business more efficient. Our team understands the intricacies of the hospitality industry and works 24*7 to develop solutions that improve the experience of the clients

We, at SVAP Infotech, posses a team that's a perfect blend of professionals having a lot of experience in hospitality. We incorporate this experience with technical skills to develop the product that offers our clients a gratifying experience.

Advantages Of Food & Restaurant Solution

A high-quality service at your disposal.

Delivery Aggregator

We provide streamline the process for food delivery applications to manage the food distribution between the restaurants and the customers. We move forward with the latest updated technology, for example, the live tracking, automated delivery assignment, managing the data and data analytics which helps you manage the business in a more systematic manner. It is compulsory to have the work segmented to avoid confusion and a user-friendly application.

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Food Distribution Software

When a lot of distribution is involved, we should keep a track of the job and make sure it's done neatly. Smart analytics is the best savior which helps us to make a better decision. The powerful feature helps the tasks even easier and manageable.

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Grocery Delivery Software

We are well aware and a part of the grocery delivery. We all know how it works and how precisely things are done and managed. For such a wide engaging marketplace, we customize the app exactly per the needs of the client and the user. We make sure to engrave the features like live tracking, push notifications, in-app chat support, finance management, smart analytics, in-app chat support, CMS and CMR.

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Food Quality Management Software

We personalize the food quality management software that keeps track and monitors the conditions in which the ingredients are used or prepared. For instance, it takes care of the moisture, acidic level and temperature to ensure the high quality. With a dedicated control system that surges the usability.

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Food Ordering Portal

Our team of developers executes solutions for the food industry to provide a unified platform for the owners as well as the people looking for a restaurant. We make sure we customize for online food delivery solutions that produce high growth.

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Food & Recipe Web/App

With complete information related to the recipe of the food, it makes easier for the users to check the availability of the ingredients. With the latest smart technology and expansive database, the huge collection can be stored safely. Adding to it the users can keep a track of their calorie intake on a daily basis and the nutrition facts within the app without any worries.

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Inventory Management

Our team of experts holds experience in managing the inventory and warehouse. Along with the upstream and downstream traceability. Real-time access to the entire data and accessibility of using it anytime anywhere.

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Kitchen Management

We assimilate ERP software systems with our robust kitchen management system. This is a big help in reorganization and coordination for the preparation of the food, logs for waste and automates the process with the help of a comprehensive kitchen display system. The best deal along with your customization as your requirements or needs.

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Order Management

Popping up of numerous orders at a time can be disturbing and difficult to manage. We have the best solution for managing the order in an automated way. Automating the delivery and the order management, order data storage and analytics to consistent insights. These things help in streamlining the whole process in a systematic manner for the complete process.

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Food Inventory Mobile App

Mobility holds the power to make things more productive and well-organized. Therefore the application permits the admins to manage the inventory, check stats and detailed analytics right from their smart devices. It is helpful in sharing the information and the data with the staff.

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F&B ERP System

We provide end to end food and beverage ERP software and application software. We rationalize the business with the help of MES integration, marketing, accounting and powerful content management to streamline business workflow.

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