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A great social media idea can turn you into a billionaire. Don’t you agree? However, a good idea needs proper consulting, the right tools, and powerful marketing approaches to execute to be able to turn into a profitable business. SVAP Infotech provides social media networking IT solutions inclusive of these three functions, expert advice to revamp your idea, thorough consulting, advanced technology solutions, and a proficient team of digital marketers and content writers to help you in your venture. We let the power of data and strategy revolutionize your social media app development. .

Even though social media apps are dominated by giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, new players also struggling their way towards a shining future. More and more people are continuously becoming a part of social media and they are not reluctant to try a new fun app in the series. Social media app development has used that popularity as a profit-generating factor for the business. Without a doubt, the space of social media is still blooming with game-changing ideas.

We keep your customers stuck with you. The social media app and web we develop for you contains engaging features that retain your users. The proficient team of designers and developers construct astounding social media app and web as per your requirements. We offer smart tools to help you manage your bulk user data, information, and media structurally and securely arranged for better retrieval in the future and leave no stones unturned in bringing your business to the top of the search results. We also offer cost-effective advertising services across the globe.

Advantage of Social Media Apps

Our Years of Experience Propel Us to Keep Delivering Quality Social Media Solutions

Custom Social Networking

SVAP Infotech provides a wide variety and option for its clients to get a hold of the maximum volume of the target audience. Beginning from the login to the platform until the very end. According to your preference, we customize the web or mobile application to walk you to the exceptional business growth.

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Social Network Analytics

We have worked on advancing our ways where we can analysis systematically. It is a great help in collecting data from social media websites and mobile applications, analyze it to make big decisions. To be precise and extract the accurate social network analytics we integrate contemporary technologies and modules and a lot more.

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Custom Facebook Apps

We provide wide-ranging custom Facebook applications permit you to have access to the full-service development. Implementing the services and providing the solutions to reach out to the client. As we all are well aware of the huge market place Facebook has become over the past years. Facebook has a huge fan base, be it in business or any other profile.

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Messaging App

It's hard to resist these features and applications. It is more like an essential component of our daily lives. The application is fully loaded with customized features for its users. It's hard to imagine life without these messaging apps including the very essential emojis and GIFs. The visual content, as well as the functions, helps you stand out in the crowd and asks for the wanted attention.

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Photo/Video Sharing

We use the perfect examples in our daily routine, Instagram and Snapchat. The best examples for video sharing content with the people you are actually willing to share. The trending filters are quite engaging and influence a user base on a superior level. SVAP promises to provide a similar featured application, customizing it your way.

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Online Polling and Reviews

Polling is the best option when you want to go for a specific target audience, its good for the research. Polling sessions are more engaging with the user's point of view. Our comprehensive and attractive online polls that review the mobile and web applications take it to another level with the very elegant UI/UX development, seeking a lot of positive reactions.

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Social Publishing Platform

We customize and provide the desired social publishing platforms which give users the opportunity to publish along with media files. It is more focused on blogging or microblogging which is quite trending for business as well as entertainment purposes. These features are not limited they also provide features that can be used for chatting with friends and many other features.

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Dating Portal Development

If two people are looking for compatible partners, then what is wrong in providing them the platform to know each other better. Yes, we provide the opportunity to let the interested people meet and greet along with strong control over their profiles. The user involvement boosts the brand and makes people aware which automatically leads to an increase in the user base.

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Social eCommerce

A place for best deals for group buyers or the people looking for goods in bulk at a lower price in comparison with others. It is displayed with elegant designs and higher security enhancing the overall collective buying.

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Discussion Forums

A platform for pure discussion, as physical presence is not an issue now. It is for a group of people to join the discussion and make things easier. It is basically developed with smart features and users love engaging with these features as they benefit them in their daily lives.

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Q&A Platform

It is a great opportunity where you can resolve your queries and also for people who want to make their presence felt online by answering or sharing their piece of information with the masses. SVAP Infotech makes sure to develop the requirement by keeping the latest generation integrated with the making.

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Community Portals

It is another way for you to connect with the type of people you want to in large volumes. We offer our team of experts be it the developers or the designers and keep our interest to deliver the best product to our clients. Updated features and functionalities are developed keeping the audience and clients' preference in mind. The functionality enhances both sides be it the users or the admins. One platform for many.

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