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SVAP Infotech provides service for an app that comprises and dominates the video streaming industry with absolute ease. YouTube Clone App development is the solution for an enhanced performance-based application.

youtube clone app

Astonishing YouTube Clone App Development

SVAP Infotech promises an opportunity for the clients to have the best possible results within no time. The advantage of getting a hold of a video streaming app via proceeding with the YouTube Clone Script is one wonderful opportunity to have you finished touch with a readily available solution. This is the best deal to step into the market as soon as possible and leave an impact on your extraordinary product.

With an exclusive team of architects building the finest quality of products catering to regions like India, USA, and UK. The best option available to assist you with all the necessary features including video quality check, playback option, and recommendations based on users' playlist. Our team guarantees a strong effective attractive admin dashboard.

Essential list of features for the YouTube Clone App

The comprehensive customization of the YouTube Clone App happens with a list of features that may vary from product requirement to the demand of a client. Below are the required features to carry out the development of the app that we will provide with our product.

  • User Login

    The user can maintain their profile by providing their basic details for maintaining their account. Users can add preferences, go through their history or clear it if needed, and manage other activities with their account.

  • Browsing

    User can search their desired content and explore the new categories. With the feature, a user can easily skip the not needed content and reach the expected results.

  • Feedbacks

    The comment section gives the users the liberty to comment on specific content uploaded on the app. The video content can receive ratings and progress through positive responses and build their business stronger.

  • Notifications

    Interesting notifications can attract maximum users by grabbing their attention. It ultimately leads to increased revenue that calls for profit.

  • Multiple languages

    Numerous language support is a big aid for the application industry as it is very essential to increase the reach of your services within the audience for the maximum user base.

  • Devices support

    The usage of video streaming app limited to one platform does no justice. Multiple support for the app makes it more available for people with different preferences for consuming online content.

Paid Plugin for YouTube Clone App development

The additional sprinklers with the essential list of features make your product distinct, varied, and unique from one another.

report spam

Report Spam

The admin holds the responsibility to review the content and come up with a fair conclusion. Legal actions can be taken by the administration department it the rules are violated.

unlimited access

Unlimited Access

Based on your server infrastructure the app holds the capability to have infinite users and varied categories for non-stop continuous hours. A huge list of categories can be accessed.

video resolution conversion

Video Resolution Conversion

This allows the conversion of various video formats to FLV for the perfectly lined smooth working of video playback.



The uploaded content has some guidelines that must be followed to avoid any troubles. This is a great way to reach the masses and earn some extra popularity with some rewards.

payment gateway

Payment Gateway

Several digital wallets can be linked and the transactions can be carried out really swiftly without any worries. All of the payment related features can be customized and adjusted according to the client's demand.

live streaming

Live Streaming

Users can follow and reach the maximum audience by accessing the live running feature. This is one good opportunity that includes a paid ad campaign adding to the overall revenue.

App Screenshots

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What is YouTube Clone App?
A similar app to youtube where users can access the video streaming content and upload, watch, subscribe, and be a part of many other activities. The YouTube clone app is ready-made with open doors for customization for clients on demand.
It's your product running on a dedicated server hosted by you. The entire source code will be handled by you maintaining your privacy of the product.

Yes, we provide complete customization of our clone app that makes the product distinctive from other products. The customization adds a personal touch fo the client's demand with their dream product and we make sure to execute it well.

Yes, we provide absolute technical assistance until decided. We make sure to integrate the time period in our package fro better understanding and maintain the transparency.

The cost of the development of a youtube clone app depends on many factors for example the region for development, feature lists, and the delivery of the app expected along with the customization if any. The cost will always fluctuate with the kind of resources and inputs provided for the development.

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