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Enhanced UberEats Clone App Development

The food delivery business has achieved great success in the industry with its very popular food delivering apps widely used by the population. The experts in the field have provided services and solutions creating wonderful results for UberEats Clone Apps that need our great attention before stepping into the business.

Our professional worked on solutions to have a secure and safe working process of the food delivery apps through various means with minimum contact. UberEats clone script with altercations and integration of newness has made it possible to grab the same kind of attention for the clone app development companies like never before.

Finest Feature Solutions We Provide

We believe in providing UberEats Clone app Development solutions with a feature list that holds the capabilities to double your revenue and give the best possible results.

  • Registration

    User can provide their basic details for easy communication between the users and the admin.

  • Select Eateries

    Choose your favorite restaurant to get yourself a treat at home avoiding the bustling streets filled with vehicles. Selection is made on your choice of location and favorite cuisine.

  • Schedule Take-out

    Plan out a suitable timing for your delivery takeouts and enjoy the food hot and tasty.

  • Track Orders

    You can track your delivery agent and plan out things accordingly. While tracking you can be sure about the delivery time that will be taken.

  • Redeem Offers

    You can grab bumper deals on restaurants and grab your favorite dishes with a heavy discount and enjoy more food.

  • Takeaway

    You can order food before reaching the restaurant and get a hold of your food as per your preference. You can avoid the formalities of visiting a restaurant and ordering and directly grab a bite with your takeouts.

Paid Plugins for UberEats Clone App

To make your product have that extraordinary quality making it varied from others. UberEats clone app development that we offer has a variation for you to get a hold on.

online payments

Online Payments

You can have multiple wallets linked to your app with various wallets supporting the payment options. The best way to avoid contact with others and be done with your orders.



Once the order is confirmed by the restaurant and the delivery agent, the executive will be able to track the location and the distance of the restaurant the user's location using the GPS enabled navigation system.

customer support

Customer Support

Executives can keep the users updated by sending the status of the delivery through emails, notifications, etc. Also, you can have a live chat with the customer support explaining to them the issues you are facing.

multiple orders

Multiple Orders

You can place orders from different outlets at the same time and manage to have your favorite signature dishes from different eateries at the same time without any hassle.

contactless delivery

Contactless Delivery

Users can choose the options for contactless delivery that makes the delivery agent leave the packed food at a distance as per the instructions by the customer.

multiple languages

Multiple Languages

The users can use the app in multiple regions with, there preferred language and contact the delivery personnel or restaurant without being hesitant and have a smooth connection.

App Screenshots

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What is an Ubereat Clone App?
Ubereat clone is a replica of the food delivery apps that can be further customized according to the free will or clients. It is helpful as it saves a lot of development time and cost and makes you enter the market as soon as possible.
Yes, you can always contact us and ask for our demo app. Our contact details are provided along with our other social media handles to make it easier for you to contact.
The costing depends on various other factors as alterations in eth features list, location fo the development taking place, and the time consumed for the overall development along with the platforms you choose to cater.
It completely depends on the package you opt for. We recommend you to go with the package that includes complete delivery of the product along with the source code as you can make further changes with the app without any issues.
We are available on every social media along with our presence in countries like India, USA, and UK. You can drop us an email, text message, or call us. We have a team of executives that will resolve your related queries.

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