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Top-tier Uber Clone App Development

Our promising team that has a great dedication for their duty calls believes in understanding the exact demand to accurately work on it right from the beginning. A complete list of customized white-labeled development for Uber Clone App Development. We ensure complete assistance to execute the on-demand business requirement and work with extreme zeal and hard work.

Also, the exclusive Uber Clone Script prepare for the clients justifies the definition of being exclusive and one of its kind. The entire team has a single motive, and that is to reach the set goal and achieve it by working together. Our services have no limits or boundaries, if not physically we are available around the world and deliver the best of our work to achieve the finest results.

Feature list for a distinctive Uber Clone App Development

Uber-like app development requires a plan to proceed with. A feature list is a stepping stone, to begin with, the overall development.

  • Sign up

    Build your profile and maintain it for easy communication and access to your basic information.

  • Booking

    Riding made it easier by providing ultimate options for reserving a ride for yourself or others. You can choose from an economically affordable ride to luxury rides as desired.

  • Rate card

    The calculation of the distance of your destination to your pick up location can be calculated. The calculated amount gives you an exact idea of the spending you are going to make on your ride.

  • GPRS Rides

    Tracking the rides for discovering the routes of the location as well as safety is a great deal to feel secure. You can stay connected with the person traveling, moving vehicle, and the driver in real-time.

  • Saved History

    Users can go through the history of their trips, canceled trips, and payments if needed. The user and the admin can manage the logs for a better understanding.

  • Linked Wallets

    The payments and transactions can be managed by linking the wallet to the app. Online transactions save a lot of time and are the best available option for contactless rides.

Paid Plugins for Uber Clone App Development

Uber-like app development provides clients with these additional, customized, and if required additional flourishing features for maximum engagement.



Riders can talk and communicate with the drivers and know about the whereabouts of the driver along with their exact location to avoid time consumption confusion.



You can make prior bookings for friends or family and get a hold of the schedule beforehand to avoid any confusion or missing out on important meetings.

reviews ratings

Reviews & Ratings

You can share and rate your trip with the driver and be write some positive if the ride has been very comfortable and also point the issues if faced any.

share details

Share details

You can share your details of the ride with your friends or family members to ensure safe rides.

reward points

Reward points

On some special occasions of sharing the reference for the app installation, the regular users are rewarded with coupons to use for their next trip. It encourages a lot of users to be loyal to the services and publicize it to others as well.

alter add destination

Alter, Add Destination

You can update any additional location you will willing to drop off or have to cross the area for some urgent work. You can make changes in the location according to your needs and the estimated amount will be reflected and updated on your devices.

App Screenshots

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What is an Uber Clone App?
The Uber Clone App is a readymade software that works and has similar features to Uber with the same business flow. You can personalize the Uber Clone App and add additional features for enhancement and making it distinctive from the rest.
The cost cannot be defined until and unless the final Uber Clone Script is presented and both the parties involved agree to it. There are two options available for the development solution, you can choose the subscription model of a monthly payment or quote a one-time payment for the complete development.
The development approach decided the time consumption of the development. The pre-built solution saves a lot of time and is ready to use and unless additional changes are required or demanded.
You can reach out to us with your inquiry and let us know if you are interested. Also, you can drop us an email and get a hold of the demo trail for a better understanding.
We have everything included in our subscription plans. You can make your decision and choose the kind of services you like or require.

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