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Solutions for the advanced robust application for the development of Clone App like Netflix. We provide customized and integrate trending features with our exclusive services as a Netflix Clone App development company in India, the USA, and the UK.

netflix clone app

Netflix Clone App Development Company

SVAP Infotech is known as a one-stop junction for providing a wonderful range of Netflix Clone App Development. We have a team rigorously working 24/7 to make our clients achieve the impossible. We do not limit our clone app services to just the ready-made solution infact we make sure to customize the needs and the features of the clients that help them to serve their purpose.

Our team holds the capability to develop Netflix Clone Script with the must-have basic features as our motive is to create a wonderful result as a product. Our range of services provides readymade options as well as on-demand video streaming apps.

Excellent list of features provided as a Netflix Clone App development company

  • Profile Login

    A user has to create a profile filling in their basic details for the admin to have information accumulated in one place.

  • Platforms

    The Netflix Clone App is available on every desired platform requirement by the clients for example IOS or Android. The app is available for users on their mobile devices.

  • Watch later

    This feature helps you save your desired content to watch it later. This is a great help as you have your content planned for the next few days.

  • Notifications

    Notifications are the reminders that remind the users about the release of the certain content they have been waiting for. The instant notification increases the click rate as users end up opening the notification when on screen.

  • Payments

    Users can link their wallets and make transactions for the payment of their selected plan or subscription. Multiple payment options leave no hope for failure.

  • Multi-lingual

    The variety and options for languages make it more accessible for users around the globe to have better access to the content and use to it the fullest.

Paid Plugins for Netflix Clone App

Netflix Clone App has additional attractive usage that makes the app distinct from one another. We can always enhance the app according to the rising demands and needs.

reviews ratings

Reviews & Ratings

Users can share their ratings based on the performance and provide others with their personal opinions. These opinions make it easier for others to have an idea about the content uploaded.



Users can download the content they wish to watch later and watch it over and over with less consumption of the internet and make the best use of the features.

streaming quality

Streaming quality

Users can choose and switch to their preference of the internet if they are residing in a location with week connectivity of the internet. The quality is compromised a little but the availability remains the same.

attractive dashboard

Attractive Dashboard

Admin has complete control over the dashboard and schedules or controls the overall functioning.

social login

Social Login

Users can share upcoming content or their favorite content with their friends with the share button linking other social media platforms.



Users can create their own list of content to watch it later or watch it over and over with their desired preference for the content.

App Screenshots

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What is Netflix Clone Script?
Netflix Clone Script is a script provided for the video-on-demand platform that helps you develop your own personalized apps like Netflix or something similar to it.

Yes, we provide the complete payment details for once and have no secondary payment options until some additional demands are made. We have a transparent communication of cost development.

You will be the complete owner of the source code as we provide the clients with complete assistance for customization without worries.

We have different plans related to different services that have options available for the assistance for lifetime support.

The cost for the development of Netflix Clone apps depends on varied things comprising of the feature list, Geolocation for development, and the time consumed. No definite amount can be stated without knowing the demand of the clients.

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