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Single code and multiple benefits, that’s exactly what the world wants. PhoneGap helps in creating apps that are platform-independent. What this means is that developers need not code multiple times for different operating systems or devices. Once written code can be used to publish or market your product or service digitally. It is not only developer or coder friendly but pocket-friendly too. You, as a client, need not pay separately for an Android or Windows or iOS app.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation, isn’t it? Talking about how we can help? We lend you a helping, experienced and trained hand to work around your requirements. Our pool of PhoneGap developers is basically a mix of both, experience and passion. While the ageing set is experienced to handle complexities and deadlocks, the other young bunch is passionate and innovative towards building the app from the ground up. Bank on our team to build your next PhoneGap project and conquer all the popular platforms at once.

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Services for all your peculiar needs

UI/UX Design

Best-in-segment and user-friendly interface design is what you get. Our group of thinkers and creative brains study your requirements before coming up with an interface layout and functionality map for the same, hence you get what’s desired.

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Multimedia Apps

The rising popularity of multimedia apps has made many new players enter this segment. If you plan to do the same then only innovation will help you succeed more than anything else. Aside from tech experts, we rely on our creative heads to achieve desired outcomes.

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Wearable/iOS Apps

Modernization has hit all of us. Wearable technology is something that’s ruling the world and will probably continue in future too. We have tech maestros who are versed with the latest trends and technologies, hence we are able to deliver what’s trending and asked for.

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AR/VR Apps

Real is old-school, whereas living virtual is the new trend. We, at SVAP Infotech, create and deliver magical cross-platform mobile experiences to clients worldwide empowered by technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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Utility Apps

It is not about just utility anymore. There are plenty of apps that focus on function. However, in this modern landscape, users require excitement and engagement. We, at SVAP, prepare strategies that solve the purpose and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Enterprise Apps

We help you build an application for your enterprise for high-end accessibility, seamless management and simplified operations. Depending on your needs, we develop a custom solution by incorporating just the right set of features and functionalities.

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Services for all your peculiar needs

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