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Promising an incredible on-demand multi-service application Gojek Clone App script with a wide variety of services options available.

exclusive services

Exclusive Range of Services for Gojek Clone App Development

We hereby now provide a platform for entrepreneurs all over the globe for building an app like Gojek. The Gojek clone app is the blend of varieties of on-demand services executing it to be available on a single platform. SVAP Infotech has highly updated customized solutions integrated with a myriad of features. We have an experienced team which is a big help in growing at a faster pace.

SVAP Infotech enhances and considers the importance of good customers is the reason we provide an exclusive range of gojek clone app development with complete alteration of features. We have experience in serving clients from across the globe as our app will be tailor-fitted according to your business and regional needs.

Magnificent Features for the Gojek Clone App

The features of the app like Gojek are mentioned below that can be personalized and be molded according to the requirement.

  • User Details

    A consumer or a service provider can alter and update their detailed profile.

  • Regular Address

    The most viewed or used address can be saved for future reference. This saves time and is quick while requesting a service.

  • Planned Bookings

    If you are a regular or a frequent traveler you can schedule bookings using this feature for better performance and time-saving.

  • Reservations

    This feature keeps a track record of the user’s trip destination, the payment, and other updates.

  • Digital Payments

    The feature doesn’t restrict any one type of payment as it has different modes like cash, card, or any other e-commerce payment application to make it an easier task while making payments.

  • Rate Card

    When the user is confused or is taking time to decide the destination this feature provides a rate card to total the amount and distance traveled.

  • GPS for Tracking

    The location of both parties like the traveler is shared by which it becomes easier to locatethe destination.

  • Choose Your Languages

    Language won't be a barrier as you have the liberty to launch your app in any preferred language to reach the wider market.

Paid Plugin for Gojek Clone App

To engage more usability and make it elegant our team provides an appealing set of a paid plugin along with Gojek Clone app script.



This feature for the corporate rides helps you book ride for yourself or your co-workers to the office. The fare of the ride is redeemed by the company which becomes easier to manage the fares.

outlet bookings

Outlet Bookings

Travelers can make their taxi booking for their short trips in the city. The kiosk is placed at the hotels and other important tourist spots of the city.



The pre-defined roles of admin define and personalize the responsibilities to monitor and approve the request created from the users' side.

concealed information

Concealed Information

To secure the privacy from both ends, masking of the numbers is done for a safe and secure conversation between the customers and drivers.

share ride details

Share Ride Details

You can keep track of your loved ones by sharing the live location with the third person who ensures tracking for security.

billboards commercials

Billboards & Commercials

The motive of the advertisement is basically to earn that money by making a contract with the concerned companies.

App Screenshots

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What is the Gojek clone?
GoJek clone app is a platform that hosts a wide range of on-demand services such as taxi rides, delivery services, and others. GoJek clone app designed and developed for entrepreneurs with the zest to make a niche in the on-demand market.
Gojek Clone script package comprises of a combination of various on-demand services onto a single platform for users to avail of abundant services. On-demand services such as beauty, taxi rides, food delivery, dog walking, and many more can be added without a glitch.
The GoJek clone app has numerous in-app features like geo-fencing, payment integration, separate panel for dispatcher, admin, and customer. With our exclusive customization, you can also fit in several other features in your app.
The on-demand service market place is occupied to the extent with multiple on-demand applications creating an all-in-one Gojek clone app. Advance a well-rounded and practical app and give your competitors a run for their money.
We have open doors, chat with us, and our customer support team will guide you to us. You can drop us a mail at sales@svapinfotech.com and our team will reach out to you.

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