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Online marketing has set the world on fire, and content is the fuel. SVAP Infotech provides you with the resources and services where you can beat the competition and keep your audiences engaged. Once you hire content writer you can manage multiple social media channels and websites through the information that is creative, striking, thought-provoking, and unique. To execute this process you need quality content creators who can provide the audience with a better understanding of your products and services.

Once you hire a web content writer, users end up surfing with different technologies, compare products, check product descriptions, see reviews, etc. For your product to be in the search result, you need to build winning content around it, as it will be a great help certainly. Our content writing services are specially designed to help in the growth of your business value. Our content writer for hire is well informed, conduct research, analyze, and understand your product before developing strategies to promote it.

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Services Under Our Content Umbrella

We cater to the following services

Vetted, Hand-Selected, Professional Writers

We have a team of professional writers who manage and handle the overall content delivery of the clients meeting the demands and requirements.

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Editing and Proofreading

Nothing is finally out before it’s proofread by our proofreader. We do not risk making mistakes or give a chance to have fingers pointed towards us or our clients.

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Account Management and Custom calendar’s

Managing the accounts and scheduling the time for it be on the site or wherever the need is essential. Social media accounts and what is to be posted online is customized in a calendar form to make everybody aware of it to avoid confusion and missing out on the set time for it.

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Streamlined Fully Scalable Platform

You need to define your purpose for the process. You need to communicate well and schedule your calendar for a streamlined process. If your team is well informed and follow the process you can easily save plenty of time and invest it in a better place.

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Topic Pitching and Ideation

Pitching your views based on some topics of people’s interest or idea’s to grab attention that they end up reading the content more than they want to watch the movie. It is an unbiased description explaining the reviews of the majority of the people in the most professional way.

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Specific Industry Expertise

Some writers are specifically hired for a specific industry like writing movie reviews, technical content for an IT company, creative content for a creative media agency and a lot more specific writers meeting the requirements of the specific industry.

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Revisions are Always Included

Revisions are a part of every industry as it is to minimize negative limelight towards your company or the brand. Content should be revised often to entertain less mistakes as words written are not easily erased in people's memory. You have to be extra careful about what you write for the people to read.

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100% Original Content

The content created by our content writers is SEO-optimized content which is extracted only after thorough research with the original and fresh material.

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100% Content Satisfaction

The client should be satisfied with the work delivered by the content team. The team should understand the need and develop content as per the demands states.

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For start-ups, SMEs, corporate houses and enterprises

Our Expertise Across Platforms

We cater to the following sectors

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    Real Estate

  • service-industry-automobile-2654.jpg


  • service-industry-technology-2654.jpg


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  • manufacturing-9280.jpg


  • finance-9280.jpg


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    Oil Gas

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