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Android is evidently the most widely used operating system in the world right now. Powering devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and TV, there remains absolutely no doubt about the possibilities and growth it will offer in the future as well. What’s questionable is that which side you really want to be, on the end user’s side using the newest of the apps or the other as a digital entrepreneur. The world of Android is prospering like anything. Join the campaign and build a digitally-sound, aesthetically-pleasing application that runs seamlessly to solve problems or maybe just for the entertainment. We believe not having an app for your business in the coming months will make your business outdated. And who wants to buy products or avail services from an outdated company? It is time to act and provide users with modern ways of doing business. For building a groundbreaking Android app, you require not only an experienced developer but a team of Avengers. This team comprises of a thinker cum analyst, an executor/developer, a designer and a quality analyst, efforts of whom result in an app of your dreams. SVAP Infotech offers cost-effective solutions that match your requirements and help you achieve higher returns on investment. We follow agile methodology to achieve desired targets within deadlines while keeping a futuristic frame of mind.

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For start-ups, SMEs, corporate houses and enterprises

UI/UX Design

An appealing and easy-to-use interface along with the app development fundamentals is like icing on the cake and we are a pro at doing that. You not only get the right functionality but an engaging user interface so that your users keep coming back to you.

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Support & Maintenance

From conceptualizing your app idea to making it functional and ready for the end users and maintain it after launch, we do it all. Our customer grievance team takes care of your queries in the best possible manner with quick turnaround time.

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There are times when you require integrating third-party tools into your application for effective connectivity and seamless user experience. Our Android developers are well-versed with third-party integration; hence it’s just a walk in the park for us.

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Widget Development

Our team of proficient Android developers is capable of building a widget for your app which might help you gain external benefits handled at the backend. We are extremely flexible and adaptable to your requirements. We make stuff as desired.

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New-age App Development

We have professionals who are capable of creating magical stuff with different new-age technologies like wearable technology, AR/VR, artificial intelligence and more. Give your app a modern look with our advanced app development services.

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Enterprise Apps

Our avant-garde enterprise app solutions streamline operations of your organization incorporating just the right set of features and functionalities. As a result, you can generate a better return on investment and plan effectively for the future.

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For start-ups, SMEs, corporate houses and enterprises

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