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We make sure to build the UI/UX that impresses the maximum users and increases the engagement with the Grocery Store App Development.

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    From when they're made to when they're delivered, you can track and fulfill multiple orders from a single screen.

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    Inventory stock management

    Organize and keep tabs on your stock levels for a seamless buying experience. Low-stock alerts ensure you'll never have to cancel a purchase.

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Must-Have Features In Online Grocery App

Everything from the user end, admin and delivery perspective

  • Product Catalogue

    In this section, all your products will be listed category-wise, with essential details like title, price, image, description, and more.

  • Order Management

    This allows users to review their past orders and repeat the same order again with just one click.

  • Payment Options

    Ensure you give different options to your users to pay conveniently and in the most secure manner possible.

  • Search Option

    It is the section where all your products will be listed category-wise, not without the essential details like title, price, image, description and more.

  • Real-time Tracking

    It enables users to know the status of their order and track it until the final delivery.

  • Feedback

    This allows users to share their shopping experience with the rest of the community.

  • User Profile

    Users can create a profile by entering basic details like name, contact, address, and ideal mode of payment. They can also log in through social media account or via email.

  • Preferred Delivery Time

    This allows users to choose time according to their availability to receive the order. It is convenient as it reduces the probability of a delivery failure due to the receiver’s unavailability.

  • Deal’s Section

    This section is exciting for users as they can find enticing discounts on products. Post ‘deal of the day’ to attract new customers and to hold onto the existing ones.

  • Dashboard

    The Administrator dashboard is user friendly with well-defined features and characteristics for better site management. It involves the uploading of the product items with the details of color, size, price, weight, etc.

  • Stock Management

    Screening of the stock changes and have the automatic notification as there are possibilities of stock level going below the specified confines to pre-order stocks.

  • Customer Management

    The panel is liable to create various customer profiles in various groups, for example, the registered and guest customers, coupons, view and manage wish list.

  • New Delivery Notification

    The riders/drivers can be notified whenever a new order is received, with details like order number, customer name, phone, delivery address and more.

  • Delivery Acknowledgment

    After receiving a delivery request the driver/rider acknowledges by either accepting or rejecting the request. The nearest driver/rider to the destination is contacted first.

  • Delivery Status

    This allows the delivery boy to update the status of order delivery to success, failed or in-progress.

  • GPS Tracking

    Driver can manoeuvre through the traffic with the help of in-built GPS with the shortest and the least time-consuming route to the desired location.

  • In-app Calling

    This feature enables the delivery boy to contact the consumer directly through the app.

Products Built by SVAP Infotech

Our highly customized and service-based Grocery App Development successfully running in the market.

Grocery at your door

Have a party at home? Running late to go out for beverage shopping? Do not worry Shopin is a service-based application providing a wide range of variety with food delivery, alcohol, and other beverages. Snacks and a hundred other eatables to be delivered at your doorstep. Why worry when you have these amazing service providers, ready to resolve your issues and make you host one of the best parties or gatherings.

Quality not compromised

Why worry if you want to deliver a bunch of flowers along with your favorite wine. One Glimpse is here to make arrangements for that combo for you at your doorstep. Not just the food, you can also select your preferable gift items and deliver love through the One Glimpse app. This service app is a great combination of and meals and a gift kit. You can always schedule a delivery at your doorstep. You get the best of all with just one click.

Essential made easier

Let us save us some more time for yourself by eliminating the weekly errands we have listed on our to-do list. Let us skip the long billing queue and receive our essential items at our doorsteps. No pushing the cart or being stuck in the traffic lanes. All you have to do is install Grocery specialists and register yourself. Once you register yourself you can access the grocery items or explore any other categories as shopping has been made easy.

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  • Design effortlessly
  • Add products
  • Showcase them with care
  • Instantly live
  • Payments, taxes, and shipping
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Mark King
CEO, Taco Bell

We had never thought that we will connect on such good notes from across the globe. Distance made no impact on the work quality as this team took away all our worries and provided us with the desired results.

John Gainor
CEO, Dairy Queen

It is difficult to believe that we found friends in a faraway land. Always keep in touch, a great bunch of enthusiasts who are always eager to work at any hour of the day. Hardworking is supposed to reach heights and you sure will achieve more success.

Todd A. Penegor
Founder, Wendy’s

Never felt the need to put in my extra efforts because the team was handling it so well throughout my development of the product. The needs were nicely prioritized and worked well on them. It was a wonderful fun-filled journey.

Kamalraj Chandrasekaran
Founder, Cream Stone

Keep up the good work. Loved the energy and humble team from Jaipur. Looking forward to work often and be in touch. Skilled experts.

Benefits of Our Grocery App Development

  • Customize & Advanced
  • Go Global
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Seamless Payment
  • Vigorous Technology
  • Time & Cost Efficient
  • Success Partner
  • Multi-model


How much does it cost for Grocery App Development?

The development cost depends on your requirement. If you’re looking for a ready to go on-demand grocery delivery solution then cost can be minimum, and have higher cost with the custom solutions.

How much time does it take for Grocery App Development?

The development of the app depends on factors, like, the custom exclusive features will rise the development time whereas a ready to go app can be built within 1 to 2 months with basic features.

How grocery delivery apps make money?

The grocery store or chain owner can use the app as a medium to increase their sales. A store aggregator can earn commissions from the grocery delivery platform.

How does the grocery delivery app works?

The app allows customers to order groceries online with their preferences at their doorsteps. It is a time-saving deal with additional seasonal discounts.

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