The Total Expenditure for developing a Fantasy Sports Application like MyTeam11.

Sports like cricket and football are not just treated as sports in India, the UK, Europe,and many other countries but are treated as a religion. People are ready to give up on anything and everything just for a game of soccer or cricket. With the sports love taking a toll over people, everyone at some point of time in their lives aspires to become a sportsperson but are not fortunate enough to get their aspirations turned into reality. That’s why we guess the concept of fantasy sports was introduced to the world.

Fantasy Sports can be defined as virtual games wherein the users are allowed to participate in on-going matches,and the bonus part is they are rewarded with prizes and bonuses for their participation and performance.

MyTeam11 is a fantasy sports platform that allows the people using its services to become a part of on-going sports games and based on the performance of the users rewarding them with bonus amounts. The game requires people use their analytical skills to pick players who they think can outperform others.

Fantasy Sports App Market

Fantasy Sports have been gaining wide popularity among people from the pastsometimes,and people are looking for applications that serve this purpose with the best rewards and playing experience. Let us have a look at the market base of MyTeam11

$47 million

revenue increased by 27% in 2018

4500 screens

are covered across 650 towns and cities

$120 million

in 3 separate rounds of funding

100 million

sold tickets in 2018 in India

About MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is a fantasy sports platform offering fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi as of now. The MyTeam11 platform allows the people registered on its platform as their users to participate in an on-going match with their own teams. The platform enables users to pick players from both the teams to create their own team predicting which player can play well in the match. Further, as per the fantasy sports definition, the users are awarded a prize for their performance.

The platform was introduced back in the year 2015 to market as a newbie in the world of fantasy sports,and today it is recognized as one of the leading players of the market.

Business Model of Fantasy Sports app like MyTeam11

Fees & Commission: The first and the primary method of revenue generation through fantasy sports app is the fees and commission charges. The platforms offering fantasy sports charges a certain percent of service tax and platform fee from the users.

Advertisement: The other mode of revenue generation is the advertisements running on the platform. Advertisements on the platform play a crucial role in the revenue generation of the organization on the basis of pay per click formula.

Brand Promotion: Fantasy sports application like MyTeam11 often earn their revenues through other means as well which comprises Brand promotions. They collaborate with various wallet organizations and launch bonus offers on their platform that helps them in promoting the brand and generating revenue for their platform.

Want to get an app like MyTeam11 developed?

If you wish to rule the fantasy world like a pro, then this is your chance to join the business world. With the growing popularity & love for fantasy sports among people, the fantasy sports market seems to be a good option for pursuing your dreams to become successful.

If you are looking for someone who can help you to develop a fantasy sports application like that of MyTeam11, then you are on the right track. Our team of expert designers and developers are here to help you build your dream web and app.

The total cost of developing a fantasy sports application like MyTeam11 will be around “Price.”Let’s have a look at the detailed development cost of the application

Basic Features of Fantasy Sports App like MyTeam11

App Users Registered Users Admin Panel
Basic Features Splash Screen Login
Registration/ Login/ Signup Dashboard
Phone Validation/ Forgot Password Manage Users
Search Locatiion/ Movies/ Advanced Search Manage current and upcoming Events
Book movie tickets/ Seat Selection with Layouts Settiings
Check Out/ with Ticket Summary Manage Wallet/ Withdrawals
Payment Option/ Pay Later/ Ticket PDF Manage Orders
Booking History Manage vendors
View/ Apply Coupons
Upcoming events/ Push Notifications
Feature-Cost of On demand ticket booking app USD 32000- 35000 for both iOS+Android

Add-on Features of Fantasy Sports App like MyTeam11

App Users Admin
Add-on Features Loyalty and rewards ManageTransactions
Blogs Manage Offers
Mobile wallet integration Dashboard Analytics
Support Chat Customer Analytics

People required to develop a robust Fantasy Sports app like MyTeam11

To conquer the fantasy sports world with an interesting application like MyTeam11, it is necessary that your app is up to the mark to fulfill the expectations of your market base. To develop a splendid application like MyTeam11, the required resource team comprises of:

Resource Team for On demand Ticket Booking App

Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google API
MEAN Stack
Mentis BT
Google Webmasters
swift iOS

Why you should Choose Us to be your App Development Partners

Something to keep in mind

Fantasy sports are virtual playing methods wherein the user participates in a game with his/her own to win rewards. Despite the offering of money and bonus prizes at the end of the game, fantasy sports do not fall under the category of gambling.

In accordance to an act defined the Central Government (India) mentioned as the Public Gambling Act, 1867 which comprises of 18 Sections, thesection 12 of the act states, “Nothing in the provisions of this Act contained shall be held to apply to any game of mere skill wherever played.”

Thus, fantasy sports are considered to be a game of skills rather than a mere game of chance and thus, falls beyond the boundaries of gambling & betting.

So, this is your call to get your own fantasy sports application like MyTeam11 developed and join the business world to rule it.

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