Planning to get an on-demand ticket booking app? Know how much it will cost to develop one like BookmyShow.

Indians and movies or let’s say Bollywood is synonymic. You can see people here in India answering simplest of your questions in a typical Bollywood style making you wonder “What was that?” “Was it even necessary?” or “How Dramatic can people be?” Well, no wonder why movies and the entertainment world are getting hype among people, they are the best stress-busters. No matter what your mood is, no matter if you are angry, upset or just bored the best alternative to cheer yourself up is “Going for a movie.”

Movies have been in trend since they were introduced, with people going all gaga to get to the theaters, spending hours and hours in the queues at the ticket counters to get their tickets. What is the point in mentioning ourselves as the techno-savvy generation when we still need to stand in those annoying queues for getting our tickets? On-demand ticket application like BookmyShowhas been developed as an answer to the question above.

BookmyShow is an on-demanding ticketing application which lets you book your tickets to movies alongside various other events, art shows, plays,etc. The platform reduces the hassle of going to the venues to get your tickets by allowing you to virtually book your tickets online and then collecting the tickets from the venue.

Market of on-demand ticket booking app like BookmyShow

Being one of its kinds, the app has a great hold of the market. It has a wide market presence which crucially directs its growth and profit statistics. Let’s have a look at the market stats of the application.

$47 million

revenue increased by 27% in 2018

4500 screens

are covered across 650 towns and cities

$120 million

in 3 separate rounds of funding

100 million

sold tickets in 2018 in India

About BookmyShow

The journey of BookmyShow started 11 years back in the year 2007 when the application was unveiled to the people. Today, BookmyShow is the largest on-demand ticket booking application operating in nearly 5 countries with a user base of over 30 million users. With an ever-increasing user base and market ratio, the platform all geared to set up a new definition of success in the entertainment world.

The application not only enables you to book movie tickets but also lets you reserve seats for various events, plays, art shows, and activities happening around you.

Business Model of on-demand ticketing app like BookmyShow

Commissions of ticket booking: The primary focus of the business model of such on-demand ticket booking applications is that you can generate revenues by charging commissions on per ticket booked from your platform.

Advertising: The other mode of earning via the platform is placing advertisements on the app. You can lure a lot of customers to your platform but cannot assure ticket bookings,so the advertisements on your app will help you generate revenues.

Event Management Revenues: Often platforms like on-demand ticket booking applications are asked to partner with event organizers on per ticket or a fixed price basis which can help them generate revenue.

Exclusive Merchandise Distribution: You can ask the event managers or the event organizers of a particular event to sell their merchandise items which the crowd would love to carry to the event, on your platform. This might help you generate a lot of revenue

Want your own on-demand ticket booking app to be developed?

On-demand ticket booking is one if the rapidly growing and highly profitable business in present times. With BookmyShow and Paytm being the only two players in the on-demand ticket booking business, there is a wide scope for a similar app with additional impressive features to develop and take over the market as the leading players of all. There are plenty of events and activities that remain are yet beyond the boundaries of BookmyShow&Paytm.

In case, you are planning to get into the on-demand ticket booking business with your own app, then it is a must that you include add-on features in your app alongside offering bookings to various uncovered exhibitions, performances,and various other events. The inclusion of new features and additional events will help you surpass both Paytm and BookmyShow easily.

We are here to help you with your idea of developing an on-demand ticket booking application. We are a team of experienced, talented and dedicated app developers, project managers, UX/UI designers who can help you get through the load of developing an efficient website.

You can get your own on-demand ticket booking application developed at a cost of“Price.”The below defined is a detailed price structure for the app development.

Basic Features and Estimated Cost of On demand ticketing App Development

App Users Registered Users Admin Panel
Basic Features Splash Screen Login
Registration/ Login/ Signup Dashboard
Phone Validation/ Forgot Password Manage Users
Search Locatiion/ Movies/ Advanced Search Manage current and upcoming Events
Book movie tickets/ Seat Selection with Layouts Settiings
Check Out/ with Ticket Summary Manage Wallet/ Withdrawals
Payment Option/ Pay Later/ Ticket PDF Manage Orders
Booking History Manage vendors
View/ Apply Coupons
Upcoming events/ Push Notifications
Feature-Cost of On demand ticket booking app USD 32000- 35000 for both iOS+Android

Add-on features

App Users Admin
Add-on Features Loyalty and rewards ManageTransactions
Blogs Manage Offers
Mobile wallet integration Dashboard Analytics
Support Chat Customer Analytics

Resource Team required for on-demand ticket booking app like BookmyShow

To get into the business and turn out as a big fish of the sea, you need to have a splendid application with robust features. Our avid team is here to help you in your journey of creating an on-demand ticket booking application like BookmyShow. The number of resources, required to develop the app,are as follow:

Resource Team for On demand Ticket Booking App

Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google API
MEAN Stack
Mentis BT
Google Webmasters
swift iOS

Why you should Choose Us to be your App Development Partners

Something to keep in mind

With market leaders BookmyShow and Paytm focusing on primarily on-demand ticket booking of movies and events, the market is looking for apps that focus on ticket bookings of various exhibitions, music performances,and other similar events. This is your chance to offer people what they are looking for with a whole new on-demand ticket booking application comprising of various new features to lure customers.

Get your own on-demand ticket booking application like BookmyShow designed and developed today to secure your position as a market leader tomorrow.

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